Connect to an open / anonymous OneDrive Business shared folder

Hi - apologies, I'm not following the template because my question is too basic.

I've got a link to a OneDrive Business shared folder, which is open to anonymous users. The folder is not part of my own account, and is not shared with me directly - just open to anyone. The link is in this format:


Is it possible to connect to something like this using rclone? And if so, how? I've tried going through the options for creating a OneDrive remote, but I'm not sure which options to use - none of the options seem to apply to a link like this.


I don't know whether you can find it using the "search" option in the rclone config onedrive setup?

All you actually need to connect to it is

type = onedrive
resource_url = https://{username}
drive_id = XXX
drive_type = business
token = XXX

So if you can find the drive_id - maybe it is one of those long strings or maybe you can see it if you use the web interface - then you should be able to use it in a onedrive remote.

I think you'll need to set the token also - the onedrive backend isn't set up for anonymous access. Do this by first setting up a normal onedrive backend then adding the extra bits above.

I hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply!

To try to get some clues, I added a real OneDrive remote for OneDrive Business (forgot I actually had an account I could use :slight_smile: ), to generate a real drive_id, and then see if I could find it in any part of the URLs I can generate through my account. But sadly not.

I've had a look through the Microsoft Graph API, which looked promising, but I think I can only get a drive ID for my own account that way.

By this point, it'll be quicker for me to manually select the files I need from the OneDrive shared folder, than try to get rclone connected :slight_smile: - but if anyone has any ideas on how to get a drive id, it might be useful for the future.

He he!

It would be nice to sort this out. This isn't the first time it has come up.

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