Anonymous onedrivelink


I am using an Raspberry Pi with bookworm.

I was able to login to an fresh registered onedrive account and download a Folder to my pi.

this storage is limited to 5gb and i have a buisness storage with 1TB from school, but don´t want to login to this pi.

i have shared a folder from my buisness account (/DiaFotos) with an anonymous url. but i cant figure out to make the right command.

it isn´t possible to share the folder with the new mail and get it from "shared with me" folder, because it is not allowed to cross share between private and buisness it wont show up, even after days waiting.

furthermore i found: Connect to an open / anonymous OneDrive Business shared folder and maybe i found the folder id, but still i am not able to figure out my command.

is this too far away from rclone´s intendet usage? it is very hard to find something for "links shared with everyone"

the goal is to download the Folders and pictures from this shared link to the pi, and delete pictures if they are deleted online

thanks for your time

There is an issue about this #4062.

On this issue a workaround has been posted - can you give that a try?

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