Cant get token for Synology to PCloud

How do I get past the token as the web site does not seem to work and I can t authorize the token?

can follow

The website ```
cant be found. It does not open a browser so it fails and I cant get past the token authorization.

for tokens, need a machine with a web browser.
did you read the link i shared?

another option

Running SSH to the Synology on a Window10 machine with Chrome.
Do I need to change to :50000 ?

I get

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

the easiest way is to create the config on windows and copy the rclone.conf to the synbox(synology nas)

"now, on your host machine, with a web browser, change the port to 50000 and open the weblink."

Got it working, thanks

good, which method did you use?

I created it on Windows and copied the config.
One more question please -
trying to use rclone sync and keep getting the source file not found on the Synology NAS.
What is the correct syntax for the source files?

rclone sync /FILES/folder_I_want_to_Sync pcloud:testfolder -v

If i want the folder to be //SERVER/FILES/folder, what do I put in the source?

the source is whatever you want it to be.
should be no different than using bash ls

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