Can rclone log in to cloud storage only when needed?

Is it possible to set rclone to log into cloud only when I transfer files into or out of the drive? For instance, if I have multiple mega drive, I do not want to log into them at the same time.

If it is possible, what would happen to rclone union of all those drives? Will rclone be able to provide a snap shot of the drive and access that account only when needed?


This is how rclone works.

For Union rclone has to access all union members all the time. As otherwise how it would know where is given file? Or where is available space? It has to check all remotes.

What really you want to achieve? Because it sound like

This thread is probably continuation of

I was hoping rclone union has similar functionality of Virtual Volumes View (VVV), cataloging the content of the cloud storage and storing the metadata information somewhere locally.

This question is related to my previous question in (Is there anyway to let computer help us manage files in cloud?). Basically I would like to know if we would be able to use multiple free cloud storages for personal use without being misunderstood of misuse and got closed down.

Thank you minesheep for linking to the original question. I brought it up here since the question becomes related to rclone.

I guess the question is still not clear so I still get no response.

Let me rephrase my question:
Assume I have 100 cloud storage accounts and I use rclone to mount them as remote drives. Then I use rclone union to merge all 100 accounts into one pool. Will I log into all 100 accounts at the same time when I send a file to the pool and the file is small enough to fit in just one of the account?

What I'm worried about is the constant log in and out of the cloud accounts. After researching more, I'm still not sure if what minesheep said about rclone union is true. Here is what he said:

it is easy to detect that pattern of 100 accounts always logging in the exactly same time from same IP

It sounds like rclone union will log into all 100 accounts at the same time even if it has already determined which account it should interact with, which is kind of conflicting to what you said. I think the question above in bold will help me understand rclone better. Thanks.

fwiw, run the test yourself.
create a union with three remotes, copy a file and check the debug log.

Is there a way to generate log for for lsd or ls?
I want to know when I call lsd or ls, if rclone log into the accounts or not.

use -vv flag

Do you suspect rclone to have some special powers? And list remote content without logging into it?

lol please don't be so argumentative. I just want to understand rclone union since no one answer my question.

I am purposely sarcastic. But you keep asking the same question again - how rclone can list remote content without accessing it. It can not.

You can use rclone to built some solution where you will maintain remotes content directories locally and only access it when needed but it is beyond rclone scope entirely.

Alright fair enough. Thank you.