Can copy between Google Drive accounts without download and upload files?

I am Quique from Spain.
I need to copy some large files between two Google Drive accounts, but I would like to know if it possible to do this job without download to my pc the files of account 1 and upload to the account 2, as I am doing with the command “rclone copy google1:\folder1 google2:\folder2”

With this method I have the download/upload bandwitch of my line at full. I would like to do without use my line. It is not possible use the bandwitch between google servers?

sorry for my english.

I don’t think you can do this with rclone, but I have seen people taking about sharing the files, then copying them into your drive which you can do with the web interface.

This is the best way to do it, I transferred 300k+ files totalling over 100TB this way.


Hmm was the transfer instantaneous? Share folder between two accounts and copy the contents into a new folder on the target account?

It’s not instant because of API limitations (~5 files/second) but it’s the fastest way possible because you’re going to hit rate limiting regardless, and by doing a server side copy you don’t have the added overhead of downloading/uploading the files.


So you did this using the web interface… That must have taken a very long time, and you had to keep your browser open and hope nothing timed out/etc?

No, I used rclone. First I copied all files in source to a folder called Universe, then I shared it with the other account. Then I moved it to the root of the target accoun and then I ran rclone copy remote:Universe remote: . I did it on a vps because it took over a day and I don’t want to leave my computer on 24/7 but any device that will maintain a stable connection will do.

I can confirm sharing the folder first (and letting it totally populate for a 57tb file took around 8 hours)

Then you can either rclone sync or rclone copy and it will all happen server side

rclone sync google2:/shared_folder/ google2:/where_you_want_it

That’s what I use to make back ups


Something to note as I’ve unfortunately found out, make sure you aren’t dumb like me and set sharing to public on the web, over 1000 of my files got flagged for this so they aren’t shared but I can still download and reupload them.

I do it with this command . Only change the sync by copy.

Hi all,

This is still working? i’m trying to copy all content from one google drive account to another and i always getting the error:

error googleapi: Error 403: Rate Limit Exceeded, rateLimitExceeded

I try to do the same with chrome extensions for the copy files purpose and always get this error.

You can do that actually? copy all content to another unlimited drive account (different domain)?


I share, let it sync, then you can rclone it but the copies are slow. It works after you do the initial population and then just want to keep things in sync but there seems to be significant limits on server side copies like this.

Works!!! i have copy 250GB in couple minutes

you sure? I read about 100G per Day limitation :point_down:t2:

Maybe the limit is 750GB/Day

739 files were “copied” in 43 hours (from shared folder to my account without download)

Before starting my Gbs on my google drive was about 535 GB, after 43 hours is 2TB. Im running rclone 1.43 on VPS

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rclone now fully supports what the original poster asked, but I'm not going to continue this discussion here. If you want help on that - make a fresh topic. Everything in this thread is woefully outdated and irrelevant.

You should try the CubexSoft Cloud Drive Migration Tool which provides all required features through which any of us perform this process easily. It can be downloaded on any Windows OS based computer for free.

Maybe try Multcloud?