Browse issue with mount on rpi3 (using libreelec rpi2 version)

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After some discussion with retroarch people, it would be possible that rclone mount be faulty in the end. ie, Forcing the fs driver to require large file support in application wanting to browse its mount point seems wrong.
To recap, the issue is that applications built without large file support can't browse rclone mount points, readdir returning EOVERFLOW error (ie, it want application to call it with the large file support api enabled).
@ncw Could you advice on that ?
Is this a hard requirement that application absolutely need this support to be able to see files ?

Note that it's an ARMv7l (which seems to be 32bits) cpu.

as far as i know, every version of rpi3 supports 64bit os.

You are right, according to Buy a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B – Raspberry Pi it's a 64bits one. Libreelec OS for the rpi3 (which is a rpi2 version) seems 32bits OS only though.

Hmm, large file support in this context means files larger than 2GB which isn't very large.

According to wikipedia large file support was first created in 1996 so I don't think it is unreasonable for all apps which deal with files to use it 25 years later!

I'm not 100% clear what the problem is here, but I suspect it is the FUSE layer which was probably built with large file support from the beginning as it isn't that old (2013?).

25year old yeah, still on 32bits platforms it comes with a perf cost, hence it's selectively enabled.
It is possible to build it such that it can serve LFS and non-LFS applications ?
I don't see myself rebuilding tons of apps I use with rclone to satisfy this :confused:

Well, we'd need to track down the problem first. I suspect the problem is in FUSE so maybe there is an LFS flag in fuse or something like that.

I'd do some searching to see if you can find anyone with the same problem with FUSE first.

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Hey, any progress on that issue ?


so did you do that searching?
what did you find out?

No, I did not, I'm just back from vacations, and busy with the vfs/mount/links feature/support for now.

Did you found something Nick ?

No. Did you find anything?

No, sorry, I did not even had a try at it :confused:

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