Box enterprise account

Hello, I have taken a box enterprise account to test.

With the problems with dropbox that has removed its unlimited advanced account, I decided to try box.

When I reach 4.1 TB, I am blocked or the file transfer is stopped. Is there a good mount point to solve this problem and what version of rclone do you recommend?

the latest version.

the limits of box is much discussed in the forum. best to search for that.

ok I will try with the latest version, I am using Ubuntu 18. You need to change to Ubuntu 20 or with Ubuntu 18 it would work fine.

rclone should work on pretty much any OS - even older ones but note that Ubuntu 18 reached end of life earlier this year unless you pay for extended support. There is absolutely no reason - unless you have some very special requirements - to use not supported open source OS.

And it case of Box the main issue is that it can not be really used as unlimited storage - which seems to be just advertising not reality. It has severe limitations you can find many threads on this forum talking about, e.g.:

Do your research before wasting time

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can apt remove rclone the old version and then install the latest at
or since rclone is a portable app, just download the .zip and run rclone.

Ok, thanks for everything, every time I see that the unlimited space in the clouds is becoming extinct, I don't see any solution at the moment.

"No such thing as a free lunch" - is good way of thinking:)

Ok, thanks for all the help, anyway, I'm going to cancel the box account, they limit my account to 1 TB per month the bandwidth 1 TB and unlimited space have also been limited, it seems like a scam to me, the box cloud is not what they promise on the page when you take the enterprise cloud.

I'll go to opendrive and test how it works because there are more clouds and I don't know what to try because there is a great shortage of unlimited clouds and there are fewer and fewer.

which is good news - as it is impossible to provide well priced service when somebody offers the same for "free"

did you get an email about violation of fair use? they started enforcing this it seems (1TB / user / per month) how is arbitrary it seems

I transferred all my content from dropbox to box and a few days after the transfer they limited everything, it's a scam.

The days of using clouds are over, we will have to rent local servers to have a good amount of space, clouds today I don't like any of them, they all limit space.

From what I understand regarding box, they are unlimited BUT the user are limited to only 1TB up/down pr. user a month!

"The days of using clouds are over".
I absolutely disagree.
Stuff is just starting to roll.
The problem with "cloud-storage" in the West is that the service-providers are obliged to scan your Data for DMCA-protected content.
But China and Russia are also growing their data-centers. And when they come up with a service that isn't obliged to snoop through your data for Copyright-Infringements people won't have to encrypt their media. Which makes deduplication of big files extremely viable and gives them an enormous business advantage.
They will soon figure this out for sure, there's big money to make.

Also those are new 1PB-Storage-Modules:

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