Is unlimited? Or is there a catch?

I'm migrating my files to the box, and also helping some people to do the same, but it's been two days since some accounts started having the same problem.
My business account with 3 users just stopped accepting new uploads. I uploaded about 50TB, and now it doesn't matter if the upload is done via rclone, their migration system, shuttle, ftp, desktop, mobile app, or web.

In each of the systems a different error appears, but the question is: It is not possible to upload anymore.

I saw here on the forum that some customers received messages that their accounts were limited by exceeding the traffic limit. However, when I contacted support, they didn't tell me anything, they sent me the standard tests they offer, but the truth is that my account was limited.

Observing the account of other people that I am also helping, I also noticed that several of them are also having the same problem, they are no longer able to send files, and they also did not receive any notification from the box.

And in all cases, this happened from 08/31/2023

Hit search. Plenty of posts on it.

Yes, they now enforce a fair usage policy: 1TB of bandwidth per user per month.

I started seeing this, it's been two days since I can no longer upload. In fact, only an almost negligible minimal amount of files are still uploaded.
But it seems that employees, at least their initial support, are still not aware of this new rule.
I called via chat, opened a ticket, they asked several questions, but they did not inform me of this.

Then that's it. The end of all unlimited cloud services? Google, gone, Dropbox gone, onedrive gone, now box.

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Yes, it sucks. Regarding Box, I don't know if it's a temporary measure or if it's now a new policy that will be strictly enforced. They sent two sets of emails asking to reduce the amount of data transferred, and both ended up in my spam folder. No clear response from customer service, except for redirecting to the fair use policy.

Funny thing... In the 14 days trial period you do not have any limitations on upload/download bandwith. But after signing up, they enforce it and you get emails like this:

Dear Box Admin,
Thank you for your continued use of Box. We have detected a significant increase in uploaded content to your account 1074351732 that exceeds the bandwidth limitations set forth in our Fair Use Policy. This month, the total upload bandwidth exceeded the acceptable usage limit of 1 TB per user per month by 67.77 TB.
As a result, to prevent abuse and ensure the integrity of the Box Service for all, we have implemented preventative measures to limit your upload bandwidth. This limit will remain in place until October 2nd.
We ask that you take the necessary steps to reduce your bandwidth usage to under 1 TB per month per user. For more information about what drives bandwidth usage, please refer to this article. You may also reach out to Sales to discuss options including buying additional seats, which will allow your account to use more bandwidth.
After this period ends, Box reserves its right to pursue additional remedial action should you continue to use Box in a manner that violates our Terms of Service and/or our Fair Use Policy. Such action may include, but is not limited to, reducing the bandwidth available to your account and potentially suspending your use of the Box Service.
If you no longer wish to remain on the platform, we will expedite your cancelation and refund for the remaining duration of your account.
Thank you for your understanding and for being a valued Box customer.
The Box Team

This is specialy annoying since we had a call with the sales team and asked them if we can move over 200 TB of data within the first couple of weeks, and they assured us that this is possible without any issue...

Now the support team tells us there is nothing they can do, and a refund is also not possible...
So be aware of the policy they have, and dont belive what they tell you...

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I got a refund from them by pointing out that their enforcing of a fair usage that limited something that was marketed as unlimited might be seen as an unfair term under UK consumer law ...

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I questioned this to them, as they were violating UK and Brazilian consumer laws, and they refunded me to.

Thanks, then i will try and go down this route. Let's see how it turns out.

They now agreed to give me a refund...

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Box is VERY eager to give a refund to users who take up a lot of space on the unlimited plan. Almost every ticket I put in, they offered to give a refund. But where else can we go?

I've mostly migrated to paying $12/month to keep a read-only Google Workspace account with my existing data and the rest is being put on IDrive E2. It's pay per terabyte but you get 3x the storaged amount egress and the cost is fairly reasonable at $1.67 USD per terabyte per month.

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I'm migrating from Google Drive & Dropbox to Box. Like many others I managed to upload about 65TB before they limited the bandwidth of my account. I was not aware of the 1TB per user per month until they enforced it. It's apparently going to be lifted in 30 days.

I need to migrate another 50TB so will add enough users so that I can upload 10TB per month then my migration will be complete in 5 months.

Share you experience please. I recall others complaint that all account is "locked" for 1 month not just one user. Maybe it is different now.

I gave Box a try and on my second month they limited my access to to uploading and then I wasn't able to even read my data on the second week of the month. I canceled my account with them a week ago.