Blocked rclone solution?


My windows work LAN blocks rclone (and many other apps) talking to the world.

The same is true for trying to access most backends (eg. yandex/mega/pcloud/google etc.) via the browser I installed (without admin rights).

However, I note that is reachable via my browser which I installed without admin rights. I thought this would save me. Rclone website is also reachable.

Also, tardigrade storage network IP addresses should be unblockable as its a million different computers linked together.

Is there a way to route rclone via http or another method, which I'm theorising should be able to reach all target IP addresses which the browser can reach?

Can anyone suggest a workaround that doesn't require admin rights?

Many thanks in advance.

Are you asking if rclone can be used with a proxy? If so, yes; check out the FAQ ( ) which has a pretty detailed explanation. You may need to work out what your proxy settings are (which can be complicated in a large enterprise!).

If you're asking if rclone uses the http/https protocols, then it depends on the service. rclone talks to the remote API. For most cloud offerings this is https based, so rclone talks that way automatically.

I'm trying to access tardigrade backend.

Do you know if this uses http(s) protocol?

If not, how I can do this without admin rights?

Do you know of a http(s) proxy server I can setup without admin rights? I won't be able to set env variables, as command line is blocked too.

My LAN is tightly controlled. I can't even run nordvpn chrome extension via my browser as it won't reach destination server.

Trying to get a workaround sorted without admin rights.

Many thanks

  • download rclone
  • create a remote
  • test

I don't understand what you want me to test?

I've downloaded rclone and ran it.

Only local backend working. Other backends are blocked.

so you created a remote for
if so, you run a command like this, what is the output?
rclone lsd remote: -vv

yes. I setup remote for in another computer where comms are not blocked.

I transferred config.conf to work laptop.

rclone can see the backend when i type "rclone config"

If I run "rclone lsd remote: -vv" (btw, I don't have access to command line, so have to run this command directly in file manager which shows rclone run in terminal window).

it just hangs when trying to connect as below:

> 2020/07/06 16:26:20 DEBUG : FS sj://: connecting...

The ports are probably blocked and using some kind of company proxy for any other requests.

I know http port is open as my own preferred browser works which I installed without admin rights (although plenty of websites are still blocked except

I can't set environment variables for http proxy like rclone guide suggests.

Wondering if :-

  1. Tardigrade can work via http ports?

  2. There is a solution to route rclone via http ports without environment variables and/or admin rights.

  3. (I'm focusing on tardigrade, as all other backends are blocked on http aswell).


Tardigrade seems to open a lot of different ports and connections mostly on 28967 and 28968 so I'd say no...

You can use a SOCKS proxy but I think that needs an env var to configure.

can you run task scheduler - taskschd.msc
type win+r and if the open dialog box opens, type taskschd.msc, click ok


Win+R is restricted.
I can still run 'taskschd.msc' from total commander file manager.

However, when I run this it give error "MMC cannot create the snap-in because of current user policies" The app window has no other entries.

can you get to task manager, one the file menu, there is run new task

can you run this from from the file manager terminal
cmd /c set http_proxy= & set http_proxy & c:\data\rclone\scripts\rclone.exe & pause

you might try this, which is a cmd replacement, does not use cmd.exe

Downloaded that program but when running it, it gave an error and didn't install.


cmd /c set http_proxy= & set http_proxy & c:\temp\rclone\scripts\rclone.exe & pause

results in cmd window showing below:

  rclone [flags]
  rclone [command]

Available Commands:
  about           Get quota information from the remote.
  authorize       Remote authorization.
  backend         Run a backend specific command.
  cat             Concatenates any files and sends them to stdout.
  check           Checks the files in the source and destination match.
  cleanup         Clean up the remote if possible
  config          Enter an interactive configuration session.
  copy            Copy files from source to dest, skipping already copied
  copyto          Copy files from source to dest, skipping already copied
  copyurl         Copy url content to dest.
  cryptcheck      Cryptcheck checks the integrity of a crypted remote.
  cryptdecode     Cryptdecode returns unencrypted file names.
  dedupe          Interactively find duplicate files and delete/rename them.
  delete          Remove the contents of path.
  deletefile      Remove a single file from remote.
  genautocomplete Output completion script for a given shell.
  gendocs         Output markdown docs for rclone to the directory supplied.
  hashsum         Produces a hashsum file for all the objects in the path.
  help            Show help for rclone commands, flags and backends.
  link            Generate public link to file/folder.
  listremotes     List all the remotes in the config file.
  ls              List the objects in the path with size and path.
  lsd             List all directories/containers/buckets in the path.
  lsf             List directories and objects in remote:path formatted for pars
  lsjson          List directories and objects in the path in JSON format.
  lsl             List the objects in path with modification time, size and path
  md5sum          Produces an md5sum file for all the objects in the path.
  mkdir           Make the path if it doesn't already exist.
  mount           Mount the remote as file system on a mountpoint.
  move            Move files from source to dest.
  moveto          Move file or directory from source to dest.
  ncdu            Explore a remote with a text based user interface.
  obscure         Obscure password for use in the rclone config file
  purge           Remove the path and all of its contents.
  rc              Run a command against a running rclone.
  rcat            Copies standard input to file on remote.
  rcd             Run rclone listening to remote control commands only.
  rmdir           Remove the path if empty.
  rmdirs          Remove empty directories under the path.
  serve           Serve a remote over a protocol.
  settier         Changes storage class/tier of objects in remote.
  sha1sum         Produces an sha1sum file for all the objects in the path.
  size            Prints the total size and number of objects in remote:path.
  sync            Make source and dest identical, modifying destination only.
  touch           Create new file or change file modification time.
  tree            List the contents of the remote in a tree like fashion.
  version         Show the version number.

Use "rclone [command] --help" for more information about a command.
Use "rclone help flags" for to see the global flags.
Use "rclone help backends" for a list of supported services.
Press any key to continue . . .

I tried checking if env variables were changed with below.

entering below:

cmd /c set & pause

resulted in below output. Can't see any variable for http_proxy.

CommonProgramFiles=C:\Program Files\Common Files
CommonProgramFiles(x86)=C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
CommonProgramW6432=C:\Program Files\Common Files
MCPC8_CLIENT_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Level 3\VCT for Desktop/Communicator.ex
NEXTHINK=C:\Program Files\Nexthink\Collector
OUTLOOK_ADDIN=C:\Program Files (x86)\Level 3\Outlook Add-in for VCT for Desktop\
\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Level 3\Outlook Add-in for VCT f
or Desktop\OutlookAddin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader;c:
\Program files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe 2015\Acrobat\Acrobat
PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER=Intel64 Family 6 Model 78 Stepping 3, GenuineIntel
ProgramFiles=C:\Program Files
ProgramFiles(x86)=C:\Program Files (x86)
ProgramW6432=C:\Program Files
Press any key to continue . . .

is there a portable version of the cmd replacement so no installation needed?


so it seems to be working, just change the rclone command.

that is expected behavior.
set is only valid for the current process.
if you want a variable to be global, service reboots and appear for all process, then you must use setx

what error?

tried the following but it still couldn't reach tardigarde.

cmd /c set http_proxy= & set http_proxy & c:\temp\rclone\scripts\rclone.exe lsd strj-xxxx: -vv & pause

2020/07/08 13:56:23 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.52.2" starting with parameters [
"c:\\temp\\rclone\\scripts\\rclone.exe" "lsd" "strj-xxxx:" "-vv"]
Enter configuration password:
2020/07/08 13:56:27 DEBUG : Using config file from "c:\\temp\\rclone\\scripts\\r
2020/07/08 13:56:27 DEBUG : FS sj://: connecting...
2020/07/08 13:56:48 DEBUG : FS sj://: connected: <nil>
2020/07/08 13:56:48 Failed to create file system for "strj-xxxx:": tardigrad
e: project: uplink: metainfo error: rpccompat: dial tcp conn
ectex: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly
respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connect
ed host has failed to respond.
Press any key to continue . . .

The alternate cmd tries to install. As I have no admin rights it stops mid installation and says "are you sure you want to cancel installation". Responding with 'no' doesn't help.

The only way I can run programs is:

  1. Install without admin rights . eg. Brave browser
  2. Run portable app. This is preferred.
  3. Even some portable apps are blocked by smartscreen policy.

Thats why I was looking for portable version of cmd alternative. I've tried several others like 'cmder' but they all say command line is restricted by admin.

However, I probably don't need command line, as can run rclone from file manager total commander, but the problem seems to be it can't reach tardigrade through the firewall.

you need to set the variable to a real proxy server, i just used a dummy value to demonstrate.

oh ok.

do you know any that can work from portable installation without admin rights?


  1. install the app on a computer with admin rights
  2. copy the files to the locked down computer


another option is to add a new user with admin rights.
i do this all the time.

there are many boot discs that can create an admin account.

  • create admin account
  • boot into that admin account
  • install software as admin
  • delete the admin account

will do thanks.

any preferred portable http proxy that would work with rclone.


when you posted, you should have been asked for your operating system?