Best VPS for Plex?

I want to use plex server and I don’t know any vps.

It will be at max 4 user,

where are you located? Europe or America

Europa. :slight_smile: I forgot to say that

very pleased with

thanks for your help :smiley:

It’s really needed 6GB ram only for MAX 4 users at same time?

I was searching something cheaper

How much are you willing to pay ?

You will have bigger problem with CPU then ram since one transcoded 1080p stream will require 2.000 passmark score. Those cheap VPS’s usually runs on 2 core Atom that have 800 passmark score. On top of that rclone is also quite demanding with crypt so yea its better to give few eur’s more for working server then something that will die out on 1,2 streams.


Is not possible to not transcode?

The final devices are raspberry pi 3, and they can receive the video and transcode itself.



Not a Plex user (I use rclone for archiving my backups, not streaming in any way), but I’m generaly satisfied with a VPS-M from these guys:

I get ~10MB/s sustained with rclone to my encrypted GDrive remote, both on reading and writing, and very decent CPU, RAM and local disk space. And of course their service is KVM-based, as I would never store any sensitive information (like my encrypted GDrive credentials!) on an insecure setup like you get with container-based (OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, Docker, etc) containers. Minimum security is a machine where you have direct access to your own hard disk (specially a virtual one) so you can partition and encrypt it with LUKS to store that sensitive information).



It depends on the player and provided video.

Check bellow google docs:

p.s. Final devices never transcode, its always server side. What you could do is set on server maximum 1 transcode so after that one if it not direct play users will receive error.

i use an VPS from für my Plex… cheep and fast

Thanks to all for the recommendations

So… Its not possible to make VPS as “server” and use the files on final devices as network folder?

I mean, without Plex… Only mounted rclone on vps and use this folder in devices. In this way only one IP access to ACD and the devices access to vps

I used and they have plex plans. They have good support. The only reason i left is because UK to Canada for plex with mounted drive wasnt great. But when i was on there OVH in Canada, everything was smooth. They also take request to customize package

I am using a server from Hetzner, I managed to get a pretty decent deal via their auctions site:

the problem is they have a bit to less ram. i this this server is good for syncing drives

I use an RAM extension to 1,25 GB… thats enough for Plex… you can book it during the normal Setup

I am using Currently they have an offer for 4 Cores, 4TB of data, 4GB or ram for $30/year. Check them out to see if you like them. They also have monthly plan. I am currently using one of the $30/year plans and one of the vEth plans with 8 cores and 4 TB of bandwidth. I use them for plex, rclone, and all my other download utilities.

I’m not seeing a 4gb deal anywhere on their site, where did you find that?

Click on any plan then click on VPS hosting and you will see the custom plans. I just picked up another yesterday.

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Forgot to mention, they have coupons on their site for discounts but they do not work for the custom plans only the standard plans they have. I already tried and had to pay the discounted amount before they would activate. They said it was not supposed to allow for that.

In my opinion Plex Cloud is better than any VPS. Why waste money on a VPS that can only handle one stream. I know Plex Cloud is limited to 3 streams but that’s better than what any cheap VPS can handle.