Any recommendation for do bisync with 2.5Million files (3.7TB) Gdrive to Truenas

Hi I'm newbie here .

I'm using rclone v1.60.1

Gdrive >> Rclone bisync >> Truenas
I have almost 2.5million files / 190K folders in Gdrive .
and I tried to do bisync between Gdrive (it's a single shared folder which I'm not the true owner but I can managing every folder in it . ) to Truenas to make it both sync together because the users always using network drive and googledrive in both way ,first I ran with this command

rclone bisync google-cloud-sync: --drive-root-folder-id my-shared-folder-id /mnt/googledrive-sync/ --exclude=*.{docx,xlsx,pptx,svg,form} --resync -vv -P

it's take about 10 days almost.
Now it's done but I got the error in this following picture . (another 30 errors in it )

and I only got the data for 2.6T / 3.7 TB (around 1 TB is not transferred for some reason )
I'm not sure why it can't transfer 1 TB remaining .

so any recommended command or flag should I add for it ?

another question can we cancel resynce in midway ?

Thank you .

Try with fast-list. Your issue is the file system walk. This many directories require many API calls for each. I think gdrive supports listR

Why the resync flag?

Not sure how it would handle this size but I am the author of syncrclone. It was written to do bidirectional sync before bisync came out. I am irrevocably biased of course but It has some notable advantages (and disadvantages).

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Thank you ! @ jwink3101 , I will try fast-list first .

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