Android RCX - Crypt config

I am using RCX V1.55.1-rcx. Rclone windows 10 and Rclone webui v1.58.0.

I setup a mega and crypt in mega on the windows machine using the web gui. This works fine and I mounted the crypt as drive X: without any issues.

When I add mega and crypt to the android rcx, the mega connects fine but the crypt does not show the previous encrypted files uploaded via the windows machine. Just a blank folder. I used copy and paste for password and password 2 into rcx password for encryption and password for salt. Am I right that password2 from the windows config is the same as the password for salt on the rcx?

I did try doing an import of the windows config into rcx and that works fine, I see the files in the crypt remote.

Am I missing something here or should you be able to manually add the config file details for the crypt remote from the windows into the rcx settings and be able to see the same crypt files and folders?


Windows config is pretty simple:
type = mega
user = me@somewhere
pass = mypass

type = crypt
remote = mega:crypt
password = thispassowrd
password2 = next password

PS, I get the feeling I have confused myself with the original password and the config salted stored password.

You need to type in the actual password you used not copy and paste from the config file. The passwords you see in the config file are encrypted.

That is a good way of doing things.

hello and welcome to the fourm,

another way to run rclone on android is termux, which is what i do.

Thanks for the replies guys. All makes sense.

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