Android photo gallery app with rclone backend?

I have not used Google Photos in some years, but miss the ability to easily find and browse photos from many years. I know there are a few great looking self-hosted replacements: Immich, Photoprism, etc. However I am unable to selfhost and prefer not to pay for server.

Ideally I would like to just use an rclone remote as the photo repository, however I am unaware of an android app that can do it well.

Some possible solutions:

This question was raised a few years ago, with no good answers: Seeking recommendations for a photo gallery apps compatible with rclone data - #2 by asdffdsa.

Try using this app. It will recognize the round sync application sharing feature and should allow you to look at your photos it works for me.

Thanks, I'm using 'Material Files' which has the same feature. I can open folders, however thumbnails and photos load too slowly to be very useful.

Maybe this is a limitation of using rclone in this way. I imagine some kind of caching is probably necessary.

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And therein lies a fundamental problem with round sync.

I've scoured the app and I can find no way to add rclone command line Flags such as the one that you probably need which is --vfs-cache-mode full.

I'm not certain that even that will help a lot. It's kind of a stretch to be using the app in this manner unfortunately.

My phone Auto uploads all of my pictures to a pcloud drive and the pcloud software lets me on my Android browse my photos the way that I think you want to be able to do with round sync.

Each photo needs to be accessed and downloaded to your phone one at a time and it just doesn't work very efficiently.

So the pcloud app has some sort of thumbnail caching, so you can easily browse through many photos?

Roundsync currently does not have vfs-cache, I'm not entirely clear but it supports some kind of caching, but it does not persist when the app is closed: FR: Offline Cache · Issue #114 · newhinton/Round-Sync · GitHub. Offline persistence probably not necessary if caching was good enough. However I could imagine some solution that keeps a thumbnail database. If only I could use my existing 1GB digikam thumnail database :slight_smile:

I found several years ago the creator of the predecessor to Roundsync inquiring about adding some kind of thumbnail support: Quick thumbnails preview on RCX - #8 by x0b

Currently this issue may be preventing rclone (through roundsync) directories being utilized in other apps: Folders cannot be shared/accessed via content provider preview · Issue #184 · newhinton/Round-Sync · GitHub.

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Also see parallel discussion on roundsync github: Advice on viewing photo album hosted on rclone remote with gallery app · newhinton/Round-Sync · Discussion #220 · GitHub

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