Add a new 24hour wait feature to rclone for googledrive?

Continuing the discussion from ACD oauth proxy broken!:

If my guesses about how this works are true… which they probably aren’t. Would it be possible to use normal rclone wait and retry procedures when seeing:
“Error 403: Rate Limit Exceeded, rateLimitExceeded”
from google?
but then when it sees:
“Error 403: User rate limit exceeded, userRateLimitExceeded”
to just wait for 24hours right there and then?

If I’m entirely wrong about how the google drive daily quota reset works, then nevermind.

I think the main problem with this plan is that it Google doesn’t document anything in this area so anything we put in is speculation as to how Drive works.

Here are the docs on that error which aren’t extensive! I’m pretty sure you can get that error if you do more than the 100 queries in 1000 seconds (or whatever the limit is) too.

ahh shucks nevermind I guess.