ACD BAN/Alternatives discussion (error HTTP code 429)

So if we take the average of that transfer we get 8GB/35m = 13.7GB/h = 3.8MB/s which is pretty bad too.
Looks like ACD Compute/odrive > Drive is going to be the best by far. Not too difficult to setup from the instructions above either.

since those numbers are close to multicloud numbers i wonder if the rate is limited from acd. I would imagine there are a quite a few users migrating data out atm

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Nope, because using the odrive + Google Compute method I’m currently pulling 75MB/s from ACD, and uploading at 65MB/s to Google Drive at the same time so it’s just those services being garbage it seems.
For anyone new looking for the best solution, I can say with certainty from testing all three options recommended here so far that using a Google Compute server and downloading from ACD with odrive and uploading with rclone is by far the best solution, with speeds tested at 65MB/s. This is doing upload and download at the same time.
Don’t waste your time with MultCloud or cloudHQ getting 3MB/s transfer when you can get 65 using Google, which is all free if you use the signup money, or is very cheap even with lots of data.
You can see the method to setup the system I’m using above from @Philip_Konighofer here, and here.

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how are you mounting ACD if it’s revoked to get the encrypted files off?

Fourth Step: Use rclone to sync to google

  1. you should know what todo. :wink:
    Beware: Since you are syncing the already encrypted files, you have to create a PLAIN remote.

So my trial period for ACD ended in November and I was billed. I just called and got a full refund. It has been seven months since I paid. Time to wreck the liver with my newfound wealth.

The lady had no clue what rclone or linux was but I was refunded in 5 minutes.

So you download the files in their encrypted form to the HDD, and just start a normal rclone copy to the Google Drive.
So you install rclone, config your Google Drive to it, and start a normal upload. You can then mount the encrypted files from the Google Drive, just as you would have with ACD. So you create a encrypted drive on your rclone config with the same passwords as you used on ACD, and link it to the same folder as you were on ACD. Then just mount that crypt and you will see your decrypted files.

One thing to note is the notorious rate limit issues with an rclone mount on Google Drive, so it’s worth trying out PlexDrive, which is specifically designed with Google Drive rate limits in mind, and using the tutorial there to set it up with your encrypted files.

iPlain I get what you are saying to download their encrypted form to the HDD however, the instruction is not clear if we are dealing with Linux “Compute” Servers, how are we mounting or getting the encrypted files? I know of no linux app that amazon provides that allows this.

Ahh okay, you need to use odrive, just link your ACD, then follow the setup steps here, make sure you get the 64 Bit not 32, go all the way up to step 4 in the using odrive section, then follow this info to download your ACD to the HDD

Ok now I understand thank you.

Just one little error with this is you switched to using /root instead of ~, which gives me a permission denied error, so instead just continuing to use ~ works.

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Just one little error with the last step I linked is he switched to using /root instead of ~, which gives me a permission denied error, so instead just continuing to use ~ works.

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Important Reminder:

If you synced any data from Amazon to Google via rclone before v1.36, you may have been burned by the EOF bug which potentially corrupted your synced data on the Google side. The bug affected users who were reading data from a network based remote and writing to a crypt on Google Drive. The bug was fixed in v1.36.

Unfortunately, I had been meaning to re-sync my entire datastore because I had suspicions that I was affected. But I never did and learned the hard way that alot of my Google data is corrupt. :weary:

I also managed to 403 myself on Google today, so I’m going to try the odrive-VM sync method tomorrow.

I think we will all need a drink after this… :beers:


Its same since you can mount local files with rclone crypt as well + getting the benefits of --buffer-size etc…
I switched to plexdrive and rclone crypt mount now, while waiting for rclone to implement own local cache.

how does plexdrive affect unionfuse like this just seems like an added mount after mounting

like example I have my


amazon-encfs (soon to be google since all this bs though i do hope NCW is able to get rights back)
Amazon-nonencfs (AKA DECRYPTED)

Union-fs localcloud (local-nonencfs RW, Amazon-nonencfs RO)

My plex reads from the localcloud…

odrive + google compute ---- pulling down 100MB/S :heart_eyes:

i try the multcloud trial but the task ist since 30 minutes in “watching how many files there are”

anyone still have the same problem?

If one was still wondering, it’s officially game over for rclone on ACD:

2017/05/19 07:05:17 Failed to create file system for “cad:”: failed to get endpoints: Get oauth2: cannot fetch token: 401 Unauthorized
Response: {“error_description”:“Client authentication failed”,“error”:“invalid_client”}

and trying to grab a new token:

Error Summary
400 Bad Request
Unknown client_id

Honestly, given the abuse ACD has received (and I’d consider anything >10TB qualifying for abuse given the price of the service, that plus mounting ACD as a NAS for Plex? No kidding…), I’m even surprised it took them that long :grin:

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I would consider taking my money for ‘unlimited storage’ and then shutting down all API access abuse. It’s not just acd_cli and rclone, Arq and every other API tool I use is being blocked. The only way to access files currently is through the web interface or Amazon’s own buggy apps.

e/v1/account/endpoint: oauth2: cannot fetch token: 401 Unauthorized
Response: {“error_description”:“Client authentication failed”,“error”:“invalid_client”}

R.I.P Rclone, so they finally banned it???