Access encrypted storage on different PCs


I have set up an encrypted storage and sync files from one PC to it. I have saved the password and salt in my password manager.
When I try to setup the same storage on a different PC to access the synced files, it does not work although I have the (same) passwords. It just works when I copy the full config file to the other PC. In this case, I can access the encrypted storage. (I have tried this with different storage providers, rclone version is 1.55.0, Windows)

Is this an intended behavior? (This would imply that I cannot retrieve my data when I loose the config file although I have the passwords.) Shouldn't it suffice to setup the same storage on a different PC with the correct passwords?


I have found some similar questions, but I still do not see an answer to this problem:

If you have the same password and salt, it would work.

Yes, that's all you need.

A log file or an error would probably shed some more light since we don't know what error you got.

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