A New Logo for rclone

I made the current logo for rclone many years ago and I’d be the first person to admit that graphic design is not my forte :blush:

So I was delighted to receive a new logo from @andy23 which I immediately fell in love with. I think the logo represents what rclone is very well and looks super professional.

This could be an animated logo also


I’m all poised to re-brand rclone with this logo, but I’d like to show it to the rclone community first - what do you all think?


Really nice and fitting logo! I would go for it

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The logo (the artwork) looks really good and fits the project nicely. With the text “RCLONE” I think the R with the rest is a little unbalanced – it’s a little too light weight. I would consider making all the letters the same font weight, but maybe make the R in one of the blue colors.

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Very beautiful and professional logo, well summarized the main features and functions of Rclone.

As @bep said, I also think the “no-bold” R gets “weak”. I would put it in dark blue and “bold”.

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Hello fellow RCLONERs,

thank you all for your kind words.

Regarding the R, we’ve had a round with alterations, but I’ll take all suggestions and prepare an overview to compare and get a feeling. I’ll include my thoughts on each version. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.


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Very good logo…
Can the same be used for the icon

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Love it!

I’d go with it.

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Which icon do you mean? For rclone.exe?

Looks great! I’m not a fan of the ‘R’ shown that way.

Love it! Keep on keepin on!

Yes on Windows

The R looks to thin
Everything else is great!

This looks very professional, love animation and the fluid movements that rclone enables

Hello again,

I’ve prepared an overview showing variations of the typography, with the suggestions made here in the forum.
You can see from my comments in the overview that I’m still in favor of the thin R as in version A :slight_smile:

Following this discussion I’d prepare various formats of the logo to be used in places like website, integrations pages, etc. Also, I’d write down some guidelines on best practises for marketing use.

As a follow up I’d like to post a proposal for app icons for various platforms. And I even have some ideas for UI designs for Desktop apps.

Thank you all for your feedback and kind words.


I really love the version C

I love the version C too! The one with the R in lighter blue.

I understood what you said about the “weight” of R. Perhaps the use of lighter blue contributes to the same effect.


I love version c with r painted in light blue

Thank you all for your replies, they are very valuable.

From experience I would not have a color in the typography as it draws away from the graphics above.
However, I’m letting this sink in and will try some slight adjustments to the R shades to bring more visual balance. Because the blue shades in the R are perceived different from the graphics, while they are not. I’ll look into how this is affected by size and background color.

Have a great day.

I would really love to see your design ideas for a gui

It’s like R. It’s like cloud. And it’s like we are linked. I love it!