A New Logo for rclone


I actually like the first version with the “thin” R better. I didn’t even notice that it was thinner, it just looked right. The C version (with the R in light blue) looks fine as well but the first version is better imo. Giving my $0.50 to provide some perspective since the anti-thin R have been so vocal about it :wink:


I vote for “B”, where R is also bold, but not blue.
On the C version I didn’t like the blue color. It’s somehow to weak for me that way.


Could you show us your ideas for a GUI. I am thinking of starting a python based rclone GUI and would love to get some input on how it should look like.


Hello again,

I’ve fiddled around with the blue tinted R and tried to make it work in various sizes. Unfortunately its visual perception varies a lot with different scales of the logo. Another thing that arose is the issue when displaying the logo in a single color. As you can see the pronunciation effect in the blue R version is completely lost.

I thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. After the typo iteration process I’m at a point where I’m convinced it’s best to stay with a single color for the typography and the ‘lighter’ R.




Hi gelsas,

I haven’t fully visualized any ideas I have in my head. That will happen when I have a bit more time to spare. Have you started your project yet?


Thanks for doing another iteration :smiley:

I see what you mean. Fascinating!

I hadn’t thought of the prononciation being habituated to the word rclone.

I think you’ve convinced me too - I’d be interested to hear what others think.


I do love the “A” version - thin black R with colored icon.


Hello there,

it’s been some time and there hasn’t been more feedback. Should I finalise the files for new logo?

Again, thank you all for your feedback and suggestions.


I was thinking the same :slight_smile: Lets finalise the design and get it out there - thank you.


NIce, the animated version could also be used in a future GUI.

RClone GUI suggestions needed


When will you update your new logo ?



Soon! I have the files from Andy - I hope to do it as part of the v1.46 release process!