1.37 using alot of Class C API calls on Backblaze B2


Using FreeBSD with rclone ver 1.37. When I do rclone sync to Backblaze B2, it uses over 2300 Class C API’s. I only get 2500 free per day. The offender seems to be “b2_list_file_names”.

The curious part about this was I originally installed using pkg and I believe it uses rclone ver 1.33. It would only use a couple hundred “b2_list_file_names” calls every sync.

I’ve even tried running 2 in a row, so the second should be making no changes, but it uses roughly the same number of calls.

Should I try the beta? Should I be redoing rclone -config after every install of new version of rclone?

Try using the –fast-list flag - that should fix it for you.