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Dropbox has a download_zip endpoint that allows to download a folder ziped. Instead rclone copy function downloads all files from a folder one by one. Is there a reason for that ? maybe the download_zip feature is not safe enough ?
I have around 200000 files in my dropbox and would like to back it up with rclone, but am afraid that I will quikly reach rate limits.
Would it be possible to integrate that download_zip endpoint to batch download the files ?

Thanks in advance and for this great tool !

There could be a separate backend command which could do that, say something like this

rclone backend downloadzip dropbox:path/to/dir

Would that suit your needs?

Sorry for the delay and thanks for answering.
For now I download files from dropbox with : rclone copy/sync dropbox:/my_folder /backup/my_folder.
I was thinking of something like a --downloadzip flag rclone copy/sync --downloadzip dropbox:/my_folder /backup/my_folder but I guess it is better to target the specific dropbox backend so that would be perfect too.

I wonder how many other backends have a download zip endpoint? I think google drive might?

If there are several it might be worth making an rclone zip remote:dir /path/to/ command which could either download the zip using the API method, or construct the zip using normal rclone stuff.

With Jottacloud; if you create a share link on a folder, downloading the link url will give you a zip file.

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