YouTube Rclone tutorial help

Hi, I was wondering if I could get a few people to look at my youtube script to show Beginners on how to mount rclone and why they might want to use it.
If you're interested could you reply and I send it to your DM's?

hello and welcome to forum,

once you have created the video and it is ready, you can just post the link here for everyone to see.

And Definitely!

sure, i have a few posts on using rclone mounts on windows.

which operating systems will your video cover?

  1. windows
  2. linux
  3. mac osx
  4. other?

This setup will be done on Windows, but I will provide Mac and Linux (Ubuntu) commands for those users.

sounds exciting!
good luck

if you want some feedback before you publish it to the public, let me know via a post here or via private message and i comment on it.

Got it thanks for the support man! :grin:

I'd be interested to give it a review :slight_smile:

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