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Hi there,

I would like to suggest YouTube. I know that YouTube only allows videos - but so does Google Photos, which is supported by rclone.

I would personally like to mount YouTube as a drive and have already searched on GitHub and Google. Unfortunately I can't find any software, allowing to mount (your own channel on) YouTube as a drive. If anyone knows such a program, please post a link :slight_smile:

There are quite a number of programs that do this.

You can submit a feature request if you like, but doubtful it'll ever happen as the remote wants are huge in numbers.

So you can sponsor it -> Sponsor.

Or find someone to implement it or implement it yourself.

What amount of money is expected for such a feature request to be implemented?

That's beyond me to answer. Best bet is to follow the link and start some correspondence.

The difference here is that official Photos API is used.
Official YouTube API only handles uploading videos. The only download options (for your own channel obviously) is some metadata like comments and such but you cannot download your own videos through API.

Using an undocumented API can break at any time and requires auth in form of cookies.

Depending on your use case you might want to use dedicated tools such as yt-dlp.

It's very unlikely YouTube will be added as a backend.
You might can elaborate the features you want to have with YouTube as backend. Do you simply want to use it for your personal streaming without using storage on drive?
Other than that I cannot really see any other potential use case. YouTube isn't really meant to store private media. They can change their ToS at any time and not to mention the quality loss.

I'll get in touch there in the next few days.

Could you please name some of them? I found yt-fs, but it only seems to have the option to find public videos from channels, as it doesn't seem to log into your own YouTube account. But I need a program that can authenticate itself (via API or cookie) so that it can also play my own unlisted and private videos.

A google search returns quite the results:


I assumed that it would work without a cookie. There is a YouTube plugin for Kodi GitHub - anxdpanic/ Watch your favorite YouTube content on Kodi, where you log in via API + a login via / device and then you can even watch your own (private! ) videos. No cookie needed, no "inofficial" login to YouTube/Google via the plugin required.

Now I'm thinking about whether it would be easier to use this plugin as a basis and add the function - what is currently displayed on Kodi as a structure ("My Channel", "Like Ratings", "Watch Later", etc) - somehow be mounted as a drive, or would it be easier to add support for YouTube to rclone.

I'm not looking for a YouTube downloader (I would prefer JDownloader for downloading YT videos) but for a "mount YouTube as drive", since I want to stream files remotely from YouTube instead of downloading it to local storage and streaming it from there.

I'd like the same feature, only I doubt youtube has a feature that allows anything to mount your personal videos as a drive.

I understand the appeal and would like that feature as well.

Youtube would need to publish an api to do that and I doubt they have.

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