Yet another web GUI for rclone rcd

Not sure if it's the right category for a topic like this. Anyway, I wanted to share with you that I've created a (yet another) simple web GUI for rclone rcd:

Here's its GitHub repository:

I created this project mostly for my personal use, so don't expect much from it. For example, as you can see, the design is pretty basic.

To try it out, simply clone the repository, edit /js/settings.js (host, port, login, password) and point rclone rcd to it:

$ rclone rcd --transfers 1 --rc-user YOUR-USERNAME --rc-pass YOUR-PASSWORD /path/to/web/GUI

The --transfers 1 is here because my use-case is one transfer at a time - I download video files and I want the next one to be downloaded as fast a possible (hence the queue functionality).

I am pretty much happy with the current state of the project, as it has everything I need, so while I will be trying to fix reported issues, it is unlikely that I will be adding any new features (don't have much time for it either). My intention here is just to share the project with you, in case it might be useful for someone else too.

Big thanks to @ncw first of all for the rclone itself, but also for the patience and help with the rc API here on the forum.


looks great. I like your minimalistic design!

keep it simple.

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This looks very interesting :smiley:

Did you know that the rclone gui support is pluggable so with a bit of jiggling you could get your gui running without the user having to dowload it.

Check out the --rc-web-fetch-url parameter and have a dig in the code - I don't think it is very well documented yet, but if you can package your release up in the right way rclone can download and run it for you. (Check out the scripts in )

This UI looks nice and simple and perhaps more aimed at monitoring existing transfers than the other web gui project!

Also if you want to add it to the wiki then please feel free


Yes, I had a strong suspicion that support for --rc-web-fetch-url can rather easily be added, I just didn't have time to experiment with that yet. But I definitely will, as it will make the deployment easier for me as well. Thanks for the pointers.

Added the project to the wiki page.


I like it. I'll have to check that out.

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So that I understand. If a project like this was packaged the way rclone needs it, it wouldn't need to run from rclone rcd necessarily. It could attach to the mount via rc or any other serve process in the same way the --rc-web-gui does now?

Can you connect the webgui that exists now to a mount?

Yes. you can specify the --rc-web-gui option and it will deploy alongside the api.

What would a full rclone mount command with the webgui look like? I've tried various things and doesn't ever seem to start a mount command but starts on a rcd for me.

Although it just errored for me when I restarted. and I don't like that if its not available (it remote pulls the code), it will fail to start my mount. But rerunning it started it.

These are the switches:

rclone mount xxx-cryptp:Media /data/Media \
 --log-level INFO  \
 --use-mmap \
 --attr-timeout 5s \
 --umask $UMASK \
 --gid $gid --uid $uid \
 --allow-other \
 --default-permissions \
 --buffer-size 150M \
 --dir-cache-time 485h \
 --vfs-cache-mode writes  \
 --vfs-read-chunk-size 50M \
 --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 300M \
 --rc \
 --rc-web-gui \
 --rc-addr \
 --rc-web-gui-no-open-browser \
 --rc-user xxxx \
 --rc-pass xxxx


I wasn't aware that worked with a mount as I never got it right apparently.

That is correct yes.

Though you can do it without the packaging too it just takes a few more flags.

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