Yet another Ansible Role

Hi, there I wrote another ansible role to install rclone from package manager when it is available and I’m adding also the possibility to install it if is not on the package manager.

It uses travis-ci for Continuous Integration, pull requests are welcome.

How does it differ from the ansible role in the rclone docs?

It uses the distributions package manager to install it when is available, otherwise switch to the website download and manual installation

Ah I see - nice :smile:

I’ve also wrote a playbook for autoconfigure rclone using 1password as secure storage for configuration:

Please put links to them on the rclone wiki if you would like.

Yep for sure :slight_smile:

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Charlie, how about an all open-source solution with integration with bitwarden instead of 1password?

Personally, I’ve never tried Bitwarden, digging about Bitwarden and Ansible I’ve found a module which can be installed from Ansible Galaxy. I will play with it and create a sample :slight_smile:

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