Yandex Documentation

The Yandex Disk documentation specifies the token be in the form:

token = {"access_token":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","token_type":"bearer","expiry":"2016-12-29T12:27:11.362788025Z"}

I specified my token in this way but was getting 401's from Yandex. I had to change the token_type param to "OAuth" for the requests to be authenticated successfully as the Yandex requests require the Authorization header to be in the form

Authorization: OAuth <access_token>

So again my token object had to be in the form:

token = {"access_token":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","token_type":"OAuth","expiry":"2016-12-29T12:27:11.362788025Z"}

For the requests to succeed. Just letting you know if you want to change the docs.

Did you make your token in by using rclone config or a different way? I have "token_type":"OAuth" and it all works fine when done with rclone config.

You could suggest a change - click the pencil icon on the page here, edit and submit :slight_smile:

I am using connection strings for my commands. Did you mean you have "token_type":"bearer"? If I have token type as "bearer" (as specified in the docs) and commands fail. I have to change token type to "OAuth" to get commands to succeed. I'll propose a change on the docs

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