Yandex-disk slow upload speed

Hey all I'm pretty new to using rclone so bare with me.
I'm using rclone with Onedrive, Google drive, and Yandex disk on my Digitalocean droplet.
I'm having great experience using rclone with other two but speeds are ridiculously slow with Yandex disk. Please see this

. I used rclone --progress moveto sourceFolder yandex:/destFolder to move the file from my Vps to yandex. It works fine with really fast speed with Onedrive and Google drive. I'm using latest rclone version which I believe is v1.53.1. Before you say it might be a Vps provider issue, I also tried with linode to make sure digitalocean is not the issue.
Here's my config:


type = yandex

token = {"access_token":"","token_type":"OAuth","refresh_token":"","expiry":"2021-10-06T09:16:26.520159822-07:00"}

Is it just uploading that is slow or is downloading slow too?

The endpoint is if you want to do some network tracing.

If it isn't a network problem then it will be throttling at Yandex most likely.

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