Yammer implementation

Hi guys, your service is really great, I am fascinated by it. I wanted to offer you one thing: is it possible to make it so that I can manage the files of a Yammer community through rclone? I have access to an Office 365 profile and the api should be open. Thank you for your work, I hope you can accept my request.

I had a look at the API, I could see how to upload a file and delete it but not how to list files - can you see an API to do that?

Upload file endpoint (Azure Blob):


List files endpoint:


Bad things: they are undocumented, but if you want we can "discover" the api

That is probably just enough API to work with!

Can you a new issue on github with this feature request? Maybe you'd like to work on it?

I can try, but it would be better if someone could collaborate with me

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