Writing changes and media servers with mount

Ok, I haven’t experimented with this, but from what I understand, currently rclone can’t write changes to remote files with mount, right?

So what about nfo/xml and like files when you link your media server to the mount? I’m guessing it first creates the file, then writes into it. that won’t work with rclone mount right? And of course there will be problems later if you make changes…

So what’s the solution? Does it work ok on the first create of the file? And only fails if you later want to update the nfo/xml?

I’m pretty sure my media server (Emby) has an option to write all nfo’s/media/etc to a single location instead of the movie directory, but I rather have it all in the folder…

What are you guys doing?

EDIT: for clarification, I’m planning on having my server move the movies directly to the remote, then scan the remote for new movies and create the nfo’s. But I’m not 100% sure how well that all will work, I guess I could have it create everything locally, then move it once it’s done. But I’d rather not.

Use unionfs and it will solve it.

rclone can write to mounts if you speak to it nicely! Namely it can’t open files read and write together. Certain styles of writes work fine, and some don’t - you’ll just have to experiment.

@Ajki’s suggestion is a good one though.

OK, so it can read and it can write, just can’t do both at once! Awesome! I get it now.