"Writes" vs "Full"

I am using 'rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode writes Dropbox: /home/pi/Dropbox' with no apparent problem.

My question is what is the practical difference between the "writes" and "full" limitations? Is one better than the other in terms of cache speed and size?

It's documented here:

If you have any specifics, please ask.

Based on the documentation you provided, "writes" seems more practical. Having trouble uploading to Dropbox though. Even small (under 1K) .TXT uploads with some text appear as zero byte, empty files when they reach the target folder. Was wondering whether some other flag or limitation might solve that problem.

Best to use the help and support template and fill it out and share a log as we can help. Without any details, it's hard to guess what is going on.

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