Would partial copying ruin the whole process?

Sorry if I didn't follow the template for this question but it wouldn't make sense since it's a question rather than an issue or a bug.

So I will be copying a lot of data from a local encrypted remote to a remote encrypted remote on Dropbox using the copy command.
I was wondering if my internet goes down at any point and I redo the copy command, would rclone be smart enough to skip what has been copied? And would the file that was being last copied get corrupted?


Anything fully copied assuming it did not change would not get recopied.

There are no partial copies as it's either done or not done.

If it's mid transfer, it has to transfer the whole thing.

So basically interrupting the copy and then redoing it later is essentially like pausing and resuming it, correct? Doesn't matter if it's encrypted or not.

Doesn't matter.

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