Would like to do a first setup (Quite noobish)

So first sorry if it's a noobish topic. I know I could find my answer by looking and searching a little more. I did. But since it's something important I'd like to work on, I'd rather be sure and have some feedbacks / informations to setup everything well.

I've downloaded rclone yesterday, so I use the 1.62.2 version. I've linked 4 clouds already : 1fichier, dropbox, gdrive and mega. I might add more in the future.

My situation :

I'm a guy who works on differents PC all the time and that moves a lot. So I'm not in look of a backup solution (since I've already a setup for that) but more to have something that works like OneDrive with a bisync solution.

What i'm looking for :

I'd like to use all my remotes to bisync with my folders. A setup that does some the update in the background at any time or maybe every hour ? Not really too picky on that. But something that looks like a OneDrive usage for any basic Windows user.

I already have a setup working with FIlen, but i've some trust issues with the client (losing files, RAM usage). So I wanted to move to rclone and use it in order to be able to use all the different Clouds storages I own, based on which kind of files I want to store.

My issues :

Atm, I'm just lost to do a basic setup. I've looked for basic commands. Copy works etc. I already have some issues with bisync and the fact that i'm hitting a timestamp error :

Failed to bisync: modification time support is missing on path2

So i wondered how I could make everything to work with the idea of using rcloud as an "universal" syncer between my PCs and my Cloud storages.

Thanks !

hello and welcome to the forum,

if you answer the questions in the help and support template, we can try to help.


if you can run rclone mount, then can use any bisync tool

I've checked the template, I do think I gave everything necessary for the topic.
Also rclone mount moreother than not working, would not be exactly what i'm looking for since I'd issues with tools offering the same service in the past


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