Windows Server 2012 Core + Netdrive + Rclone Local mount = Working sollution?

The Title is the question. If i Change my server from Ubuntu to Windows server 2012 Core, I able to Install Nedrive and able to mount Rclone Local on Windows?

rclone mount doesn’t work on windows so far…

It working. I tested it lot of time:

This feature contain the beta releases:

Need some polishing, but working well.

OK I hadn’t seen it was coming…

AS far as I have tested netdrive I get lots of errors on Windows…
So get the trial and do some tests on your pc and check it out - before reformatting your server…

Now i’m able to use Rclone with my own oauth. I only just plan what i able to do, if it will gone… (i hope never…:slight_smile: )

Other thing:

Expandrive or Netdrive the better?

Need some test, but first, working like a charm :slight_smile:
The speed is enought, about 10 MB/Sec (US server, i’m live in Europe)

The Download is good (and the Stream) But the upload is buggy a little. I think it is Rclone Problem, a user on github report a similar problem.

I tested it.

unfortunately, Netdrive not work with “Core” mode. it has able to use Command line, but in this mode only support limited options. (WebDAV, FTP, etc…)

But, on graphical interface, it working well.