Windows RClone: Network Users "Read-Only" Microsoft Docs

Hello Guys,

I've set up a One Drive RClone mount and it has been working great. Except, any user besides the service account user cannot edit documents, they open as read-only. My mount argument currently looks like mount OneDrive: V: --vfs-cache-mode full

Is there anything I am missing? I need to make sure all users are able to edit documents within this mount. Any help is appreciated.


Is there a reason you deleted the entire help and support template and didn't use it?

hello and welcome to the forum,

what username is the mount run as, system user or what?

how are the network users accessing the mount?
net share or what?

can you explain in more detail what you are trying to accomplish?

Hey thanks.

We are essentially moving the file server to sharepoint. We want to have it easily accessed by file explorer and the one drive client isn’t reliable. The service account is a domain admin account using nssm to run in the background.

When users are opening their word docs they are ready only. However they can open and move docs to the rclone mount

I shared the rclone mount using SMB

in the past i have done this, and there are a few topics in the forum about that.

just now, did a quick test

  • on winserver
    -- did a rclone mount as a local user
    -- did a net share on that mount

  • on win desktop
    --- did a net use of that net share using that local user name

i was able to edit documents.

So domain users will need to authenticate with the local user?

well, it does work...

another option is for each domain user

  • create a rclone mount running as that domain username
  • net share as that domain username
  • on client, net use

Is this the only way? I can't set a parameter to assign full control perms to domain users?

give it a try and see what happens.

I just can't find a working parameter. Do you have any advice?

sorry, not understanding your question.
is your question about a windows issue or a rclone issue?

did you try my suggestion, seems to work?

I need to deploy this to about 80 users. They can access, read and even add and delete docs to the RClone mount. They cannot edit existing documents

could be many reasons for that, not related to rclone.

  • net share permission issues.
  • windows file system permission issues.
  • net use permission issues.
  • microsoft word issue with protected view when a document is opened over a network.

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