Windows Mount as System service

my, my, my, each time i solve your issue, you have a new one :upside_down_face:

well, what value did you set in the registry?

and as before, cannot see into your computer, need a debug log.

perhaps kill the mount, delete the log, restart the mount, start to play that 1.5GB file.
then post the log file, from the top line to the point where rclone starts to download the file.

I have rebooted PC - fresh mount via webdav and fresh net use.... And playback starts after file is completly downloaded

caching.txt (845.6 KB)


using --vfs-cache-mode=full, should be able to start watching the video after a few seconds delay,
while rclone, in the background, continues to download the entire file in the vfs file cache

but Im using --vfs-cache-mode=full and playback starts after whole file is in the cache

that log, is just only a few seconds in length.

was the file And.When.Did.You.Last.See.Your.Father.LiMiTED.DVDRip.XviD-DoNE.avi?
what size is it?

if you were to download direct from pcloud website, how much time does it take?

700 movie... it starts at 10MB/s and ends around 30MB/s so lets say 20s.

I have compered to direct mounting with rclone - when I start playback on direct mounting player starts immedietly and plays movie 2-3 seconds later. When using webdav after doube clicking Im wating for player to show up till file is downloaded and player shows up with play immedietly.

Maybe this is this difference between net drives and builtin drives? As direct mounting shows as local drive while webdav shows as net drive/share

when using webdav only, playing media inside web browser works well,
no need to download entire file.

so perhaps something to do with microsoft implementation of webdav and/or net share

what is it your use-case, just play media or what?

To have as close possible replacement for native pCloud app as possible. To actualy have cloud drive mounted and working like local one, system wide.

I will stay with task scheduler and rclone. Its not system wide but beside this it works perfectly. I hope today or tomorrow I will complete this small utility to monitor log file to know when uploads are done.

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