Windows file path in rclone.conf

Using Rclone on Windows 10

If I specify

--log-file "d:\path\rclone.log" --Log-Level Debug

on the command line then rclone creates and updates the log file, but if try to do this in the rclone.conf then no logging happens.

Format I use in rclone.conf is

log-file = "D:\RcloneConfig\Rclone.log"
log-level = debug

Other parameters in rclone.conf are working so it is the file path that has an issue. Do I need to escape the \ in the path?

The following is the output of the config dump
(commented out all other lines in rclone.conf for testing)


but no log file is created if I trigger the mount action

You can only put backend parameters in the config at the moment. --log-file doesn't apply to a backend so can't go in the config yet.


How can I see what all backend parameters are so I can check my config?

Edit: Nevermind found them all here:

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