Windows explorer not responding

Every time I launch file manager, it just doesn't respond. Not only that, but windows explorer also freezes if file managers does, so I can't even open task manager. Certain windows will also stay frozen. Unsure what the cause of it could be as I didn't do any changes to my PC since last night when it last worked. Shut down after shut down showed no improvements.

hello and welcome to the forum,

if you cannot open task manager and reboot does not fix the problem
then what does that have to do with rclone?

best not to do a windows update.

if the current system is in such an unstable state and not working reliably, installing a massive windows update could further corrupt the system.
all the more so if there is a hardware issue like a corrupted hard drive or defective memory chips.

the steps would be to perform

  • examine at the s.m.a.r.t statistics for the hard drive.
  • a memory check using a boot disc or the bios diagnostics.
  • chkdsk the drive

this assumes you already have some kind of bare-metal recovery backup image.

If Windows Explorer freezes randomly on your system, an outdated or faulty graphics driver may cause the issue. However, other factors like corrupted system files, viruses, and applications that eat up your system resources should also be considered when addressing this issue. You can follow the steps mentioned in this guide to solve the issue.