Windows Cache Location?

Is there a way to change the location of where it RClone caches files or just simply load the entire file to RAM? I have an SSD as my C drive, and I want to cache files before transferring them to my Google Drive which I have mounted an encrypted but I don’t want to put my SSD through that many writes, plus it has almost no storage space left. If I choose not to cache them, the file transfer takes ages. Any help is much appreciated.

By default rclone doesn’t cache anything on disk.

What’s the command you are using?


He uses it under Windows and the mount command was simply: rclone mount cryptmount:/ Q:

But with this, the upload was really slow, around 2 MB/s, so he turned on the vfs cache in writes mode. Is there a way to change where to write the temp buffer?

Also, what are the optimal flags for Windows? I just did some benchmarks and if it’s mounted, all the file operations through Explorer are slow. Rclone copy works like a charm however.

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If you are using writes, it’s --cache-dir for the location of the files.

Any file that writes will be dropped there first.

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Thanks so much that was a HUGE help and it worked perfectly!