Windows agent for periodically syncing to an S3 bucket

Hi folks. Really digging rclone :slight_smile:

My boss is looking for some kind of Windows agent that can periodically sync a local path to an S3 bucket and send execution logs somewhere (at least in case of error).

Something with a simple installer, maybe an rclone-as-a-service kind of product (he’s willing to pay), which would require the minimum amount of setup or at least the minimum amount of development time on our part.

For now we’re probably building our own MSI installers which add a PowerShell script to the Windows task scheduler. It’s pretty simple, but we want zero code maintenance and the minimum amount of hassle / overall maintenance burden possible.

Does anyone know if such a thing exists? Maybe something similar?


Not as far as I know. People usually roll there own using bat/powershell and the windows task scheduler.

Sounds like you’ve done the job already! You could open source it then if you are lucky other people will send you fixes…

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