Willing to pay $25 for someone to make a step by step guide or video tutorial for this setup on Ubuntu server 18.04.4 LTS

so i just got a hetzner server and gsuite and want to follow this guide. not sure if it is Ubuntu desktop or server?? also this guide has qbittorrent in the scripts then rTorrent? are they using both or just qbittorent ??

have no idea how to start , willing to pay someone $25 for a step by step guide or a video walkthrough.

in the github link starting from top etc folder i will not need the openvpn, will be using the sysctl.conf without the openvpn or torguard settings.

then the scripts folder i will be using all scripts except build_caddy, unless i dont need qbit bad? (is this just a script to see if the torrent is from a private tracker, and if it is not it deletes the torrent?)

then the system md folder i will be using private trackers so don't think ill need to use nzbget.service, bazarr.service, torguard.service, tautulli.service, caddy.service and if the homebridge.service is for a smarthome i dont need that either.

also at this point in the guide --> My use case for mergerfs is that I always want to write to the local disk first and all my applications (Sonarr/Radarr/rTorrent/Plex/Emby/etc) all point directly to /gmedia.

how do i do that?

is $25 not enough?

No need to pay anybody. There is lots of documentation/youtube guides out there.

If you don't want to learn too much about whats going on in the background and just want it running in a set and forget fashion; you could check out plexguide.

It's pretty much a giant set of scripts that allow you to just plug in your values and it handles the rest. I know a lot of hetzner use it. Even has a in-depth video guide, scripts that are confirmed to work with hetzner, and handles the more difficult things like ssl certificates.

I don't personally run it because I wanted a bit more control/customization over my whole system (similar setup to animosity022's scripts).

If you want set it up "by-hand" with scripts and learn about what is actually going on with each command you are running, animosity022's scripts and implementation is well documented. Just dive in and google should answer any question that animosity022's github hasn't mentioned.

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I agree that everything is described in detail many times. But how long will it take to figure it all out, at least the basic configs. Yes, it’s very interesting and fascinating. I’ve spent 3 months several hours a day experimenting, but for the first 2 weeks I’ve been doing this from night to morning. Have a pity at last with those who do not have the opportunity to devote so much time to study and tune. I understand that all this is well-intentioned, but do not be so categorical. In my opinion, commercial support from open source developers is an important part of the ecosystem, proxmox, asterisk, etc. .. You are a Linuxoid, you have the time and the desire to figure out a new one - here you have the sources and the community. If you need to solve an applied problem qualitatively and in a short time - with pleasure they will help you on a commercial basis. Though everything is more or less configured and rclone works for me. I would set aside to create a quality manual, at the level of udemy courses. Better yet, setup bundle like plexguide, cloudplow, and more. I have been wanting a config for myself for a long time, like Animosity022)) But it’s all too complicated there, you will deal with demons - now learn to compile binary files)

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If you don't trip setting it up, you won't be able to maintain it or figure out what went wrong when it inevitably does...

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I can write something up to help you out as I use hetzner as well. Will setup a new VM for myself to start from the beginning and will write something up if you still need it.
Btw for Hetzner you don't really need a VPN if you are using private trackers.

Edit: BTW is it an option for you to install Ubuntu 16.04 instead, as the easiest solution is to use QuickBox which doesn't work with 18, unless you want to pay for the paid version?

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thanks.. i'm not dead set on Ubuntu versions so i can try it out. do you have quickbox pro? if you have it and it will make your helping me easier i will get it.

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