Will rclone ever support YouTube upload?

Hi guys, I am sorry to ask this again but I have searched the forum and found no updates on this topic recently.

I know there are some tools created by others that can be used to upload videos to YT but it would be nice if rclone can also do it.
Besides that, I am still using a Windows 7 32bit machine and I want an utility that works on it so I don't need to switch to Win10 to upload my stuff.

All I want is the ability to upload videos,that is about it.
Nothing else is needed including downloading because we got that covered with youtube-dl already.

Yes, I am planning to use YouTube as my cloud storage :smiley:
Thanks mods and the devs :pray:

If it has an API - and I suspect it does - then a backend could be created for it.
It would necessarily need to be write-only though, as I very much doubt you have access to read the files back via the API. Handling all the video-settings though might be a little tricky.

I'm not necessarily so sure I see the main benefits of it though - compared to just running the native webUI with chrome (and I'm sure that's not a problem to run on Win7 32bit). Could you explain how your use-case would benefit from using rclone for this?

Pretty sure there is YouTube API, it has existed for many years and some tools are using it, for example: https://github.com/porjo/youtubeuploader.

Yes, write-only (upload) is fine because no one will ever want to read or modify the videos on YT directly.
If it is able to list the all videos in the channel, that will be even better.

It doesn't need to care about the video settings at all as YouTube can handle the conversion by itself after uploaded.

In my use cases, I need a tool that I can put it in my backup script so I don't need to upload the videos manually every day.
The above utility works fine but sadly doesn't work on Win7 32bit which I am currently using.

I see so automation is the primary benefit.
I can see how that would be nice to have.

You may want to make a feature-request issue on this here:

If you state that you are requesting that a backend be created for the youtube uploading API then that should pretty much explain it. That will basically get it on the to-do list and hopefully it can be picked up by someone with the necessary coding skills.

But before you do, make a quick search to check that there is not already a request for it - because in that case you should just upvote that instead to mark it as being in high demand.

Windows 7 is EoL in 3 months, so even if this feature was added and supported, I can't imagine anyone would want to ever support Windows 7.

Yes, I wouldn't exactly advice anyone to stay on Win7 or 32-bit these days...

but that's not really relevant here as a backend would not need any particular OS to run. The same backend code no matter the platform. As long as the OS is not so ancient that it can't run rclone it's not an issue.

YouTube dont allow videos with copyright, even when we use in private.

Well no, I wouldn't exactly expect to use this for uploading movies - that wouldn't last a second.
But it should be fine as a private backup for all the random footage you accumulate from your phone or whatever else in that vein.

And while you are still liable to get some copyright claims for background music and such, those can largely be ignored as long as they are private, because I believe that only really comes into play in terms of rights to any money off monetization. I'm not a YT content creator, so I may not have the details fresh in memory, but that's what I remember of it at least.

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