Why rclone not support NFS native?

I've looked at the variety of protocols on the rclone docs, but none of them isn't NFS. Why it's not offered as part of the protocols and must be mounted?
And what is the best practice to rclone from Windows host into NFS share?

We've been looking for a go library to support NFS - it's a complicated protocol.

I think there is an issue about it, but it would be a good addition to rclone.

Does the host offer any other protocols? Ssh, sftp, FTP etc?

It's NETAPP which provides SMB and NFS, but we probably don't want to use it, all the company works with NFS mounts on their Linux, so we want to keep NFS's from NetApp.
The is 1PB on this NetApp, so every change is huge.

There does exist a go NFS client here

I haven't investigated it though.

That's the kind of thing that could be built into a backend if it works well enough.

Would that work for you? Would your company sponsor the development?

Where we can get a quote to understand the development needed for this feature?

Sorry for the delay responding.

If you drop me an email to nick@craig-wood.com we can discuss there - thanks.

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