Why my command GoogleDrive --drive-shared-with-me is stuck on one stage

"" i am using latest version of rclone. I am not able to understand why my command is not showing the content of one particular folder with name of Hire/documents but i can see the content of Hire folder. Where ever into the Google API i can see the folder (Hire/documents) & Access it and download the content one by one.

rclone lsf GoogleDrive: --drive-root-folder-id=*********** (I can see the folder shared files and subfolder as well)


"" Whenever running this command to copy or sync to download to local folder from GoogleDrive. than all the content copied from root folder (hire) instead of subfolder and it's content.

rclone copy or sync GoogleDrive: --drive-root-folder-id=************** /usr/upload/massimport

Then only Hire's folder contents are copying but documents folder is not copying whether i have permission to download the database from documents folder


""Whenever using this command to see the contents or files under the share-with-me drive. than i can see the list of folders first then their content in listing but it is stuck on one folder - Hire / documents which is recently shared with me and i need to download the content from Google Drive.

rclone lsd -R GoogleDrive: --drive-shared-with-me

Can anyone help me on this please?

Which version of rclone are you using?

Can you show a log with -vv of the command?

I apologize for this that i am not sure about the command..

can you give me some example please?

It's written in the help template that you deleted :frowning:

Yes i am dong RnD from multiple videos.. i deleted my created drive and created new connection..

now my rclone lsd -R GoogleDrive: --drive-shared-with-me is not running... getting failed error.. my rclone version is rclone v1.47.0

thanks that version is very old.

run rclone version --check for instructions on how to update.

Thanks for reply.. i updated my rclone to latest version 1.54.0 i guess... now whem i am running my command "rclone lsf google: --drive-root-folder-id=********* -vv""" than again it is stuck on the same folder.. i am using remote connection of server so due to time out i need to drop the connection.. and not able to search log file

I gone through this video on youtube... " How to create Rclone config file and use it on Google Colab - Rclone Basics - 01" ... as i can't share the link so please find the video through this subject...

whenever this person want to access the share with me drive, he always use the auto config yes and default web browser opened and he logged in the account and open the google drive and shows share with me folders.. than he choosed yes option for team drive... and all folders listed below after that.. but i can't do auto config as i am using remote server and copying the given url and get the verification code through my local machine only. after validating this while i am choosing team drive.... the output is this.."no team drives found in your account--------------"

So how can we resolve it.?

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