Why is crypt on entire remote not recommended?

When configuring the crypt backend, the utility states as follows:

Remote to encrypt/decrypt.
Normally should contain a ':' and a path, eg "myremote:path/to/dir",
"myremote:bucket" or maybe "myremote:" (not recommended).

My primary remotes are on google drive.
Why is myremote: not recommended?

Does this non-recommendation hold true for team drives as well? (I, and I think many others, use team drives with an audience of one essentially as folders, so this seems potentially redundant)

And, lastly, if I do decide to edit my directory structure, I can move the encrypted files around in the web interface with no repercussions, right? Because it would be trivial to drop an extra directory in to the tree, if I can just create the folder and then drag and drop all the files that were previously in the root directory in to my new folder. Otherwise I'd have to do it with rclone copy and that would take FOREVER...

It is a bad idea for bucket based remotes as each top level directory creates a new encrypted bucket.

However it works just fine and with a dedicated team drive it won't cause you any problems :slight_smile:

Yes you can move the files about like that just fine!

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