Why download from rclone mount is slower than download from web?

I have google drive account. When I download a file from google drive using web browser, I get the max speed my network allowed(20Mbps).

But when I download the same file from rclone mount(copy paste from windows explorer), The speed is horrible(fluctuating from 0 - 5Mbps).

Here are the rclone mount command
screen -S rclone.mount -d -m /usr/sbin/rclone mount
–max-read-ahead 200M
–checkers 40
–uid 99
–gid 100

Why cant I get the same speed like when I use the web browser? Whats wrong with my rclone command?


There have been others who complained of similar behavior but no one was able to prove where the slowness was being introduced. My tests are that I can saturate my 100Megabit connection with a single download from Google Drive on a linux host.

HS -> rm ~/01_20170619232717000.MP4; rsync --progress ./01_20170619232717000.MP4 ~/
456,949,760 87% 12.07MB/s 0:00:05

12/MB = around 96Mb

I’m not saying that you don’t have a problem of that rclone isn’t doing something ‘bad’ but I personally can’t recreate the issue.

What speed do you get when copying a file using rclone cp instead of rclone mount?

The same.

HS -> rclone copy robgs:/cams/backyard/20170619/01_20170619232717000.MP4 ~/ -v --stats 15s
2017/06/20 13:09:15 INFO : Local file system at /home/robert: Modify window is 1ms
2017/06/20 13:09:15 INFO : Local file system at /home/robert: Waiting for checks to finish
2017/06/20 13:09:15 INFO : Local file system at /home/robert: Waiting for transfers to finish
2017/06/20 13:09:30 INFO :
Transferred: 174.996 MBytes (10.632 MBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 0
Transferred: 0
Elapsed time: 16.4s

  •                  01_20170619232717000.MP4: 35% done, 11.607 MBytes/s, ETA: 27s

How are you testing the speed for the mount? I hope you are not looking at the stats on the mount itself as those r clone stats are averages over the life of the mount.