Why does the purge command not support root directories?

In an attempt to delete all files under the root directory, it returns the following error message. It seems that it isn't supported. The remote location is DropBox.

The command is rclone purge -v --stats=10s dropbox:

You can't actually delete the root directory in dropbox - that is what the API is telling you.

There are various workarounds though - you can use rclone purge on all the directories in the root or rclone delete to delete all the files then rclone rmdirs to delete all the now empty directories.

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Gotcha. I had assumed that purge was intelligent enough to remove all content beneath the root directory.

Can you expand on rclone purge on the directories?

Do something like

rclone lsf --dirs-only dropbox: | xargs -d'\n' -i echo rclone purge dropbox:{}

remove the echo when happy!

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