Why do you encrypt?

Is there a reason everyone encrypts their cloud data? I see so many post about it, but I’m not sure I’m exactly understanding the reasons. For example, is it because in the case of Amazon are they prone to getting into people’s stuff and stuff “this looks like copyrighted data” and locking people out? Or is it because people have stuff that’s sensitive? Or just people being paranoid?

Not sure in most cases I see the benifits. But before I spend months uploading, I want to see why others do it.

When it comes to Plex and other media servers the fact is 99% of the content users have is illegal.
Even if you bought all your BluRays you are not permitted to rip them ( grey area) and you definitely cant share them to your friends.

In every cloud provider EULA there is a statement you can store and/or share any illegal data using their services.
Mild case is loosing the account and worse case would be if you get suit by copyright owners.

Now keep in mind cloud providers dont need to check your files, they can just run hash check against all illegal content and automatically ban your account or remove files without ever “looking” into your content.

When it comes to personal files/pictures/home videos, you have additional security so even if cloud provider get hacked or your personal account get hacked your files wont be exposed to all internet.

The general rule is whatever is not on your personal drive and its private and/or illegal have it encrypted.


Has anyone heard of the cloud providers doing so? I could understand if you got the copyright police on your case due to downloading, and there was an investigation or something, but I can’t see them careing as long as your paying. Maybe I’m being stupid?

Hmmm… Things to ponder. I’ve honestly tried googling it, but didn’t find much aside from how to do it. I figured it was largely to keep them from knowing what you had.

Guess I might as well encrypt. I didn’t like not being able to see what was up there directly, but better safe than sorry, right?

I heard of drop box and google drive running hash checks on files that were shared.

Few people reported that Amazon Drive disabled file sharing option when they directly shared copyrighted content and some got account bans. ( most of it was reported on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/ )

Better be on the safe side and have your stuff encrypted, I would go nuts if I lost my 40TB library because providers one day decided to ban all accounts and save some space.

Those keeping illegal content are usually the ones having most data and if they decide its to much cost the easiest way is to ban those account, especially since they already collected 1 year subscription.

But then again for every 1 user with tons of data there are probably 100 keeping just couple of gigs.

For me the main reason is I dont wanna be exposed to possible lawsuits down the road when studio’s decide they could do some scare tactics. Iam basically not loosing any functionality having all my data encrypted the OS and the apps see all my data unencrypted anyway.

I would agree encryption would be pain if you needed to encrypt your data, upload it and when you need it download and manually unencrypt but since everything is done on the fly there is no reason not using it

Iam using rclone to connect/mount to my Amazon Drive where all files are encrypted and giving Plex Media Server unencrypted access to files.

I made a test few hours ago for another topic but this is how it works.
Started play on a movie and it took around 4, 5seconds to start playing then I moved to end of movie eg seek and it took additional 8,9 seconds to start playing. The video in test is 22GB and encrypted on amazon drive.

So shaving of maybe 1 or 2 seconds without having files encrypted is just not worth the risk.

My Google Drive unlimited account is provided by my employer. I haven’t read through the terms of their agreement with Google, but I’m operating under the assumption that they (my employer) can look through whatever I store there. So I encrypt anything I wouldn’t want my employer looking at.

Pirated movies or not, my private files must stay private. So I encrypt all my files/hard drives on my computers, servers and clouds.
Some would call it paranoia, I’d better say “privacy”. You walk out naked? Have mics and cameras at home? Cool, your right. But I don’t. Same for my files.

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Maybe amazon will never check if my files are illegal, but if they do they will find nothing because they are encrypted. It takes me a long time to download, encrypt and then upload 50TB of content to the cloud and im not prepared to run the risk of it all going poof if amazon feels like it.

Try reading the terms of service (section 3.3 )for some cloud services. They basically own your files once you upload them. They can do whatever the heck they want with your stuff if you dont encrypt it.

Thanks for your tests.
Can you pause the video and then resume it without problem?

I use Kodi, I do not use Plex, and the rclone mount works fine except that if I pause the playback of a video in kodi, then after resuming after a few seconds the playback stops and returns to the kodi menu.

Someone else has the same problem and knows how to solve it?

I think I remember that weeks ago I read in some topic here (or github) someone to say the same thing happened to me, I’m almost sure, but I’ve been looking for it for a while and I can not find it.

If someone can help me, I would appreciate it.
Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english

PD: Out of curiosity Ajki, you finally did the tests of speed comparing encfs and rclone crypt as you commented on a topic that you created days ago? And finally the test and the speeds were satisfactory for you and you have decided to migrate from encfs to rclone crypt or at the moment you are going to stay in encfs?

Yes pausing / unpausing works normally, I had a case when I paused for more then 20h that transcoder crashed when I unpaused so I needed to run movie again but it continued where i was left.

As for full crypt test not yet, after around 150h I still have 20TB to go until my library is fully converted + not sure how long it will take to run proper rcone sync and rclone check to make sure its same.

Iam adding a lot of new media daily and also just recently renaming quite few multi ep series that sonnar missed. Sync will be needed before I proceed, hopefully by end of next week I will be ready … at least I hope as then iam gone for 1 week vacation and dont think that will be fiddling with all the mount changes.

All this reencrypting is really taking lots of bandwith, only 10th of the month and close to whole december traffic

                  rx      /      tx      /     total    /   estimated
   Dec '16     52.80 TiB  /   59.79 TiB  /  112.59 TiB
   Jan '17     44.80 TiB  /   46.06 TiB  /   90.86 TiB  /  257.05 TiB
 yesterday      6.50 TiB  /    6.59 TiB  /   13.09 TiB
     today      6.67 TiB  /    6.50 TiB  /   13.18 TiB  /   13.77 TiB