Why can't I mkdir?

Ok, dumb question, I think.

Using 1.36 on Linux, and I’m trying to make a directory on the remote, like this:

rclone mkdir remote:newdirectory

Simple right? It thinks for a few seconds, no errors. New directory isn’t there. remote: is a crypt remote, and I’ve been using both crypt remotes I have created to do syncs successfully (S3 and B2).

If I do “rclone lsd remote:” I see the directories that were synced, not the bucket, but the directories within the bucket.

What am I doing wrong?

Try adding --v first to see if you get any useful output, and report back :slight_smile:

Neither S3 or B2 actually have directories do you can’t have an empty directory.

If you copy some files in you’ll see the directory will then appear.

The only time you need mkdit is to create the bucket

Ok thank you, that explains it.