Who is interested in a IRC server for rclone

Hello Everyone,

I’m curious if there are people that would be interested in a IRC server for rclone. There is already some kind of chat around (Is there an IRC channel for rclone) (Slack)

But I would more like a IRC server to discus things and some general talk.
How would you guys feel about a IRC server for rclone, I would be happy to host it.

Let me know!

If this is not wanted by @ncw, please proceed and close/remove this thread.

I’d rather see https://gitter.im or a channel on freenode, no need to run a server for rclone?

Sure we can create a channel on Freenode, server is not necessary but if people would like that I can start one.

I’m just trying to figure out who is interested in this.

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One thing that’s nice with “Gitter” is that it’s got desktop clients for the less hardcore nerds to use, but also has IRC bridge for the hardcore nerds (Like slack but free for FOSS) :slight_smile:

EDIT: It also integrates with Github issues, comments, commits nicely by notifications (this can be achieved with something like Notifico, but it’s al in a nice package)

Thanks @Lillecarl I have irssi running on slack now, works just fine. We can keep it that way!

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I don’t :frowning: Since slack is invite only, i haven’t gotten around to get an invite yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a channel at freenode is the best.

there is already a well visited slack channel

@d0wn I joined the channel #rclone on freenode.

@Arsur Yes there is. I’m also joined there.

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I would love it :slight_smile:

So many things I still have to learn :stuck_out_tongue:

Join slack or join freenode #rclone

How I can do that ???


I support a IRC channel for rclone, specially since the slack IRC gateway is not working for me.

But I’d rather see it on freenode.org than on a separate server.