Who here is using gdrive with no encryption?

I’m thinking of using one of my throwaway gdrive accounts with no encryption, so I can use ocamlfuse until rclone sorts itself out with gdrive

Dumb idea?

You can use ocamlfuse with rclone crypt, just point rclone crypt to ocamlfuse mount.

Awesome thanks!!!

I didnt realize that.

You can also use plex cloud if you don’t mind not having encryption.

i just started using one of the cheap ass ones off ebay just to see about plex cloud and see if its worth it or not seems to work ish idk yet still copying all stuff to the new gdrive.

im testing for Plex Cloud seems to work fine, still scanning the library

Encrypted ACD for backup and unencrypted gsuites gdrive for Plex Cloud, which works well.
I gave up on ACD + Plex due to horrendous startup speeds.