Which WinFSP version works for you? (new mount on windows in latest beta rclone)

So rclone now can mount on windows.
(choose windows build)
Install WinFSP first.

you do:
rclone mount gdrive: c:\mnt
(do not create mnt folder on c, it will automatically create some type of shortcut).

You have to use winfsp for that
but i dont know which version, in latest i can not access any files, can only browse some folders....like reading is wrong.

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it should not be c:\mnt only drive letter
for example
rclone mount gdrive: m:

I’ve used the stable release (1.0) and I can browse files, download files at my full speed, and stream files at like 50kBytes per second. I’m not sure what I should be expecting for that streaming speed though, since I’ve never setup an rclone mount before.

Opening folders can take a few seconds sometimes, but it also takes a few seconds when I use the command line version, so that makes sense.

For some odd reason with VLC / GOM player I play (stream) files at similar speeds, but with MPC player I stream them at my max speed.

No idea why.

Hi, i have successfully using this command. And may i know how to make it automatic mount everytime after PC restarted? And the drive mount will closed if i close the command prompt right? Btw, i use Windows 10. How to make my drive mount keep alive?